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New Accounts for Swap-Free Trading!

06 Feb 201314:40

Dear Clients,

More and more traders all over the world, not wanting to pay interest to banks, are choosing swap-free accounts. Alpari, in answer to this global trend, has expanded our account offering with Swap-Free accounts: classic.mt4.swapfree, classic.systematic.swapfree and micro.mt4.swapfree.

Alpari’s Islamic accounts used to only be available for a restricted number of clients from a specific list of countries. Now all Alpari clients have the opportunity to choose a swap-free account, whose trading terms have significantly improved. Swap-Free account holders pay a fixed commission instead of swap, which depends not on a bank’s interest rates but on the currency pair and number of open lots. The minimum commission on these accounts has now decreased to $3 per 1 lot. You can find more detailed information on the commission for different currency pairs in the Contract Specification..

These new accounts will be of interest to traders who prefer commission over swaps, as well as to our Muslim clients, since the Islamic Shariah Law forbids trading with swaps. Alpari, as always, strives toward making the Forex market accessible for everyone.

Best Regards,
Alpari NZ

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