The New Personal Area: A Convenient Interface with New Capabilities!

05 Feb 201311:08

Dear Clients,

In order to make your work even easier and more convenient, we are changing the design and functionality of the Personal Area. When developing the new intuitive interface, we did our best to take all your wishes into account and now our clients will find that working with Alpari has become simple and user-friendly. The new Personal Area consolidates a variety of functions into one space, from opening a new account (which can be done in just a few clicks), to work with partners, depositing to accounts and access to a wealth of important information. The new colorful design is easy on the eyes and the functional capabilities allow you to set up your workspace in line with your individual quirks and preferences.

Another benefit of the updated Personal Area is access to the new and improved PAMM-Account service, with faster deposit/withdrawal request execution, flexible multi-level Manager Proposals, a unique bonus system and the ability to create pamm.ndd.mt4 and pamm.ecn.mt4 accounts.

In connection with the preparations for the launch, on Friday April 30th:

  • Starting from 9:30 GMT, access to Personal Areas of PAMM-Accounts will be blocked;
  • From 12:00 GMT, fund deposit, withdrawal and transfer requests will no longer be accepted;
  • At 14:00 GMT, access to the Personal Area will be closed completely.

On May 2nd at 21:00 GMT, functionality and access will be restored and work will resume as usual. Please accept our apologies for this temporary inconvenience.

Best Regards,
Alpari NZ

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