Alpari Improves Trading Terms on Micro Accounts

06 Feb 201316:13

Dear Clients,

Alpari is happy to inform you that starting March 8, 2010, trading terms will be improved for alpari.micro account holders. We are increasing the maximum volume of open positions from 1 to 3 lots and also implement floating leverage. These new terms will bring the capabilities of micro accounts closer to the enhanced capabilities that classic accounts provide and allow traders to make use of new trading privileges.

Alpari's view on business is defined by constant improvement in the quality and convenience of our services. The introduction of new trading terms on alpari.micro accounts, including an increase in maximum volume, is yet another step towards our goal of making our clients' work more convenient and profitable than ever.

New Terms for Floating Leverage - alpari.micro

Nominal Value Range, USD Nominal Value Range, EUR Provided Leverage
0 — 1,000,000
0 — 700,000
1 / 500
1,000,000 — 2,000,000
700,000 — 1,400,000
1 / 200
Over 2,000,000
Over 1,400,000
1 / 100

You can find more information on trading with floating leverage on our website.

Best Wishes,
Alpari (NZ)

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