Alpari awarded as the best Manager

13 May 201313:07

Dear Clients,

Alpari was awarded the most profit-making manager and investor according to the annual results.

Anton Trefolev, known as AntFX, was acknowledged to be the best manager, as he has shown more 11 000% profit on his PAMM-account within two months. The ceremony was held in the Company’s central office, Runovsky side-street. PAMM-accounts are an innovative service of Alpari and the prize was innovative too — Sony Vaio multi-media center.

Dmitry Orlov and Anton Trefolev

Certainly, we asked Anton Trefolev to tell us a few words about himself and to entrust with his secrets of success to the Forex-community.

— Anton, you won the contest nominated as the «Best Manager». To manager your own and Investors’ money is a peak of trading. The results of your PAMM-account (11 000% within two months) are really fantastic. Why did you decide to start trading?

— I started trading three years ago. I had no such experience at that time. I started from the ground zero. I developed my own trading system and in a half a year I found out my statistic results were good. I’d tested my system on a demo-account and quitted my previous job to devote myself to trading. Since that time trading is my key job.

I was successful to choose the right directions of market approach. First of all I mean the book by Larry Williams, Ralf Vins and Thomas Demark. Larry Williams is one of the greatest traders. Speaking about the risks and money management, we should mention Ralf Vince. Larry Williams and Vins are colleagues, Vins worked for Williams. During this work he developed his own principles of capital management. I adhere to these rules and popularize them. These rules are certainly the main secret of my success. If I had used the classic risk approach I would never have such results.

— A few words about your education, please.

— My education is similar to the education of Ralf Vins, who was expelled from the college (laughing). So, in fact I practiced self-education. When I was 12 I started computer stadies. That’s why I know programming very well. And all other subjects I studied by myself.

— Have you ever had any continuous failures, when you turned your face to the wall?

— Telling the truth, if you’re on track of failures you start to doubting of your capacities. All you need is to believe in yourself and start testing hard to get good results. Now I successfully get out of such periods. I know how to control this psychological aspect.

— What can you say to the traders who turned to be in series of misfortunes at some point of their development?

— You should test your trading systems very carefully. The key to success is careful developing and testing. You should get good test results and this is the main thing to obtain.

— Do you use any MTS or make transactions yourself?

— I use MTS.

— Did you happen to make a transaction yourself? Or you just try not to do this?

— Sometimes I did. My trading style does not allow making all the transactions manually that’s why I created a mechanic trading system.

— Was it difficult to understand how the PAMM-account system operates?

— Not at all. You’ve made a very good system. I’ve never seen anything better!

— Anton, tell us, please, about your trading strategy or strategies.

— Generally I use just one trading strategy. It’s flat, intraday. I catch the price fluctuations during steady periods. Having analyzed the approaches described in the «Long-term secrets of short-term trading» by Larry Williams I came to this strategy. But my method is entirely different from his one: I’ve changed his trade secret and I don’t know whether Larry Williams would accept the fact I’m his continuator. But I can really say that I follow his ideas. All the essential that I use you can find in his books. But you should understand that nothing original from this or that book can lead you to profit. I’m sure that almost every method should be «tuned up», but it takes a lot of time and hard work to create your own profitable trading system.

— Do you use the chart analysis,for example level of support and resistance?

— No, within this strategy — no.

— What can you say to our investors?

— I recommend to talk to a manager before investing to be sure that he is an adequate person who knows trading and right approach to risks. If he talks about a potential profit of 10 000% with 15% risk, he misinforms both you and himself. And if you want to get 100% profit you should be ready to the proportionate drawdown during trades.

You should define your category of risk and choose PAMM-accounts showing the best results in this category. It’s not always good to choose from the top-20 of the Rating, as there are generally high-risk projects there. Don’t make investments to the PAMM-accounts with too short history (under 3 months for intraday trading and under 6 or 12 months for medium-term/long-term trading).Such a period of time shows you how the trading systems work and what you can expect from this manager according to the Equity curve. You should invest the Loss Limit only. Especially to the aggressive PAMM-accounts which showed the daily profit or loss more than 10% in history.

You should also define an event after which you will withdraw your money from the PAMM-account. For example when a certain daily or monthly drawdown or maximum drawdown is reached, or on the contrary when a certain planned profit is reached. Perhaps at the end of a year, etc.

— What kind of information would you like to share with the traders-novices?

— Testing is the key to success, especially for a novice. If you have no great experience of successful trading you should not think that free (supposing the free interpretation of rules) approach to the market can lead you to the profit. That’s why the main emphasis you should make on testing before you decide to start your system on a live-account. I assume the following order:

  1. To develop a trading system;
  2. To test carefully;
  3. To make forward-testing on a demo account (to be sure that the principle you found out is not a tester error or a result of adjustment);
  4. To calculate the optimal risk (here some mathematics to be applied);
  5. To start the system on live-accounts;
  6. To control the system operation real-time (particularly it’s necessary to compare the real statistic features with those during demo trading), to change the system or revise the trading risks in time.

I’m sure that if you follow these six provisions sooner or later you will make profit in spite of your knowledge. The system does not have to be fully automated. Every method, the rules of which are one-valued under every market situation, can be applied to this scheme. If you trade manually only the testing method changes. In this case I don’t see any reason to make testing on demo. In general I would name it: «ask the tester to get the right answer».

We congratulate Anton from all our heart with his success. His professional road is a vivid example of how a trader can achieve impressive results owing to persisting, self-discipline and belief in himself. We consider the responsibility before himself and people who trusted him their money to play an important role.

We’re sure that his colleagues are on the road to records and great success. As we’ve already heard the key is the careful testing of a chosen strategy, ability to control the emotions and serious approach to trading. All these features define a real professional of the Forex market.


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