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Reverse stock split of #AIG!

18 Oct 201715:38

Dear Customers!

On July, 1, 2009 «American International Group» (#AIG) made reverse stock split*.
In this connection all the parameters of transactions opened before July,1, 2009, in #AIG, will be changed according to the terms of reverse stock split (1-for-20) in accordance with the p.8 of the Customer Agreement.

Transactions with the volume below 0.2 lots will be closed at the closing price of June, 30 trading session.

*Proportional reduction in the number of shares but not the price, which are the property of shareholders. The shareholders receive the same interest of equity as before split. For example if 1-for-3 split resulted the shareholders receive 1 share for every 3 shares they had before split. The price of every share after the reverse split will be (in this example) three times as much as before split. Companies often make such actions in order to increase the market price of their shares and to attract investors.

Should you have any questions feel free to contact us by phone +44 8449 869559.


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