Changes in trading schedule on Independence Day

02 Jul 201212:48

Dear clients!

In accordance with the celebration of Independence Day on July 3, 2008 trading schedule will be changed.

03.07.2009 (Friday)

CFDs on stocks trading closed.
CFDs on stock indexes futures (#ES, #NQ) close at 7:30 p.m.
CFDs on metal futures (#GC, #SI) trading closed.
CFDs on commodities (#S, #C, #W) trading closed.
СFDs on energy futures (#QM, #QG) close at 9:30 p.m.

06.07.2009 Monday)

СFDs on stocks regular open.
CFDs on stock indexes futures (#ES, #NQ) regular open.
CFDs on metal futures (#GC, #SI) regular open.
CFDs on commodities (#S, #C, #W) regular open.
СFDs on energy futures (#QM, #QG) regular open.

Moscow time.

In case of any questions address to the Customer Service Department:
+44 8449 869559.


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