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Alpari is at the Peak of Success!

18 Oct 201715:36

Dear Clients and Partners,

«Peak of Success» is the slogan of the well-respected «Financial Olympics», a competition held annually by RosBusinessConsulting for major companies and banks. Alpari climbed this peak and was awarded with the «Financial Olympics 2008» national award in the nomination of «Most Innovative Technology on the Forex Market».

The awards ceremony for company-honorees was held in the Federation Council. The companies were honored for their success and achievements, which were at the top of the National Financial Rating. These companies were found to be of true value by the Supervisory Board, which was composed of the heads of ministries, institutions and federal agencies, as well as representatives of legislative and executive power.

Alpari President, Andrey Dashin said, "I would like to congratulate all our clients and partners with this shared award. In the year of our 10th anniversary, the company has taken a real step forward, and that step was not ignored. The «Financial Olympics» award has given recognition to our success, business activity, and our efforts to constantly move forward, proving that Alpari is a leader!".

Dashin Poses with the Award

Alpari submitted the «PAMM-account» into the competition, a service developed for both investors and managers. PAMM (Percentage Allocation Management Module) allows one person to manage investors' combined capital as a whole. Working off the principle of percentage allocation, Alpari specialists developed this innovative concept for convenient and transparent management and investment on Forex, using the MetaTrader4 trading platform.

It goes without saying that the «PAMM-account» was the most important event of the year, both for Alpari and our clients, as it has also brought us the prestigious «Financial Olympics» award!

Best Regards,
Alpari PR Department

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