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Alpari is Significantly Increasing its Presence in Asia

29 Jan 201617:37

Dear Clients,

Alpari at the International iFXExpo 2016 Exhibition

Alpari, one of the world’s leading financial brands, is taking an active role in the participation of the world’s largest iFXExpo 2016 which this year will take place in Hong Kong from 26th to 28th January. The company has cemented its presence in China and cooked up interest in its work throughout the world’s markets, including the countries of South-East Asia.

The iFXExpo Asia is one of the key and most established events that is a must for those in the Forex industry. The event brings together expert knowledge from leading international financial market participants. Those attending the exhibition have a chance to receive first-hand information on the newly developing tendencies of internet trading, products and services, partner programs and financial technology. A record number of visitors and participants have signed up for this year’s iFXExpo Asia: over 2,000 brokerages, banks, market makers and exchanges. This in itself highlights the increased interest on part of South-East Asians with regards to the opportunities of the currency market.

A large-scale informational discussion program has been organised for the iFXExpo Asia. A wide range of topics regard Forex development in China and other international markets. The debate will take place as part of a discussion panel where experts from leading international brokerages will share their experiences and views on the development of products, technologies and financial market services with traders, investors, journalists and bloggers.

The head of Alpari’s partner program, Alexander Koshkin, sat on an important discussion panel in front of a large guest audience. He spoke about the new trends at the forefront of online positioning and promotion of Forex brokers and their services, about the development of partner programs on international markets and the specificities of setting up business in Asia. He noted the significant rise in the popularity of Alpari’s investment services amongst Chinese clients in light of their simple nature, accuracy and transparency when making trades. Exhibition participants showed great interest in the investment and financial instruments that have been developed by Alpari and, in particular, the PAMM Account and PAMM Portfolio services. There was also a significant amount of interest shown in Alpari’s binary option service from Asian clients since this instrument suits both experienced and novice traders alike, allowing quick financial outcomes to be achieved.

It is also important to note that the Alpari brand has been well-known throughout the financial markets of South-East Asia for some time now. A year ago the company made an important step towards expansion on global markets by strengthening its position in strategically important, micro-economic regions such as Asia. During this time, Alpari significantly increased its business development activities, with the brand becoming ever-present and all the more influential across the globe.

Best Regards,

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