New Partner’s Program within the «PAMM-account» Service

28 Nov 201214:16

Dear Clients!

Starting from March, 19, 2009 Alpari widens the opportunity of the funds management on FOREX. The new Partnership Program offers an opportunity for a Manager to set up relations with any customer with an alpari.classic account. The Program also offers a new system of remuneration due to which a Manager and his Partners can control over remuneration payments.

The Partnership Program of PAMM-accounts is attractive due to its flexibility, possibility to organize a team of traders, risk-managers, analytics and other specialists and automated calculations including automated payments of a part of remuneration from the profit of a PAMM-account.

Above all the Company reduced the minimum amount of the Manager’s Capital necessary to open a PAMM-account:

  • not less than 100 USD (for accounts with USD deposit currency);
  • not less than 100 EUR (for account with eur deposit currency);
  • not less than 3 000 RUR (for account with rur deposit currency).

This reduction is applied within the anti-recession campaign and is aimed to learn the terms of the «PAMM-account» service on easy terms. The duration of this campaign is from March, 19 to April, 19.

The «PAMM-account» Service is available for English-speaking Clients with the total spectrum of the opportunities.


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