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Top Portfolio Manager Contest Winner

Dear Clients,

Contest Winner

The winner of Alpari’s Top Portfolio Manager contest in 2015 was Evgeniy, known on the forum as Mambakan. Congratulations to you Evgeniy for your victory and we wish you further successes with your investments. As a prize for this triumph, Evgeniy receives 1,000 USD on his transitory account.

It’s worth noting that Evgeniy’s portfolio – GrowUp – was in a leading position from the very beginning of the contest and held on to the end to take the crown. Furthermore, the portfolio differed from that of other contestant participants and had the most amount of new investment accounts.

We had an opportunity to have a chat with the most successful portfolio manager of the year and put a few questions to him. Here is the interview:

Evgeniy, have you been investing for a long time now?

I started investing in PAMM Accounts in 2014. I found out about the Forex market from an acquaintance, but I never started trading on live accounts because I’m sure that you need special knowledge to get good results. So instead I decided to invest money in PAMM Accounts.

Why did you decide to take part in the contest?

After a year of successful investments in PAMM Accounts I started to think about a public PAMM Portfolio. It was at this time that Alpari announced the start of the contest and this ended up being the decisive factor in me creating my own portfolio.

What are your main criteria for selecting PAMM accounts for your portfolio?

Firstly, I look at how long the account has been around. The base of my portfolio is made up of less risky accounts. The main thing, though, is stability in the results year in, year out.

So did you alter the composition of your portfolio or achieve success with a stable set of managers?

The basis of my portfolio stayed the same throughout the contest but I did switch up the share of PAMM Accounts. Towards the end of the contest there were some new PAMM Accounts in which I could see potential and these were the ones that helped give me the win.

You managed to win over investors throughout the contest. Did the influx of outside investors have any effect on your work?

Since my portfolio is based mostly on my own investments right now, it didn’t. Moreover, this fact was an extra guarantee for my investors, showing that I was interested in stable growth. So I intend to stick with a conservative strategy in the future.

Do you plan to continue working with your portfolio and accept further investors?

Of course. As I said earlier, the portfolio is mostly made up of my own investments, so I plan for them to grow further; that’s what I created the portfolio for. I will be glad to see new investors which believe in my strategy in the year ahead. Onwards and upwards! Moreover, my portfolio will be a good start for novice investors; for them to understand how PAMM Accounts work. In any case, the forum is always open to pose questions, ask advice and get in touch with managers. I am always ready to speak with those that would like.

We would like to remind you that the Top Portfolio Manager contest was launched in autumn of 2014 and Evgeniy is the second winner of this contest. In accordance with the contest rules, the winner is the investor who achieves the best returns to drawdown ratio. Other than the profit made from PAMM Accounts, the winner receives a 1,000 USD prize on their transitory account.

Best Regards,


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