Alpari Once Again Named 'Company of the Year'

11 Jun 201317:53

Dear Clients,

Vladislav Kovalchuk, Alpari Director of Marketing

The 2013 Financial Elite of Russia Awards were held June 6, 2013, in the mansion of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the ceremony, awards were handed out in a variety of categories to some of Russia’s premier financial companies. The winners were selected by a panel of industry experts and professionals.

Alpari was awarded the grand prize in the "Company of the Year on the Forex Market" category. Chairman of the Alpari Supervisory Board Andrey Dashin received an award as well, for his "Contributions to the Development of the Forex Market in Russia".

Some of the people who helped organize the event took some time to comment on the steady growth of the international Alpari Group, both in Russia and abroad. It was also pointed out that the financial industry is beginning to really recognize some of our company’s achievements, including the work we’ve done to help raise the level of financial literacy in Russia, our ongoing efforts to make sure our clients have access to the latest technologies and products on the market and our becoming the first-ever Russian Forex company to release its financial results for the year.

Gleb Grozovskiy, the general director of the Russian economic media outlet Prime, who presented our award, had this to say: "Alpari is an excellent example of a company being open with regards to information and is helping to increase the level of transparency in the Russian Forex market."

The Financial Elite of Russia Awards have been held annually since 2005. Alpari has been named "Company of the Year" 5 times.

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