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The Financial Commission and protecting trader interests

The Financial Commission is an independent organisation which specialises in regulating disputes between brokers and traders working on the Forex market. The Commission is oriented on being transparent and simple in its dealings.

The purpose of the Financial Commission is to be fast, objective and professional in its resolution of disputes between traders and brokers.

Alpari has been a member of the Commission since 2013.

What does the Financial Commission offer traders?

Why did Alpari become a member of the Financial Commission?

The Financial Commission brings together leading industry specialists who aim to increase market transparency and service standards on the Forex market. The creation of an honest industry means client trust in companies, leading to the success of the latter.

How does the Financial Commission work?

The Financial Commission has created a special compensation fund which is supported by 10% of the Commission’s participants’ monthly subscription.

  • Any company client can refer to the Commission as long as the company is a member of the Financial Commission and the client has received an official response from the broker regarding an unresolved dispute.
  • After the trader has submitted their complaint, the Financial Commission analyses it and takes a decision within 1-2 weeks.
  • Committee decisions taken regarding the assessment of disputes submitted to the Financial Commission must be complied with by the brokers who are registered members of the Commission.
  • Where brokers refuse to enact decisions taken by the Financial Commission committee for resolving disputes, compensation is paid to the trader from the special compensation fund.

You can find out more information on the Financial Commission and its work on the organisation’s website.

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