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Free trading signals from Autochartist



Spending too much time looking through charts?

Let Autochartist take care of that for you. The program sifts through mountains of price data, picking out emerging patterns, identifying key price levels and predicting future price movement for you.

Autochartist is provided free of charge to Alpari clients.

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How the Autochartist web application works

The Autochartist web application automatically analyzes charts and emerging patterns, helping to predict the most likely outcomes of events in the market.

You can use the Autochartist online service to verify your own observations and conclusions, or to develop new approaches to the technical analysis of the market.


  • The web application doesn't need any installation, and works directly in your browser.
  • Both experienced traders and newcomers will find the application simple to use with its user-friendly interface.
  • Autochartist follows changes in the charts for you! Audio alerts mean that you will never miss the formation of new patterns.

Get started with the web application.

MetaTrader plugin

Autochartist offers a new plugin which has been specially developed for the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms.


  • Opportunity to define the base parameters of the trend which are made clear by figures of technical analysis when they are just forming.
  • Signals for when there is a break in support and resistance levels.
  • Simultaneous tracking of the forming of figures across all currency pairs which are accessible in the trading terminal, plus rapid switching between graphs.
  • The Key Levels and Fibonnacci Patterns filters allow you to assess the level of asset volatility and analyse the correction levels.
  • The Autochartist plugin combines instruments of technical analysis used in the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms with other methods of analysis.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • The risk calculator helps you calculate the ideal volume with which to open your position based on the amount of funds you're willing to risk.

To activate the plugin, drag it onto the graph from the list of advisors on the current timeframe.

Not installed the Autochartisted plugin on your platform? Log in on our site and click Download.

How to Use Trading Signals from the Autochartist Web Application

Using Autochartist signals is easy, try it out for yourself!

Log in to the Autochartist web application by clicking "Enter" next to where it says "How the Autochartist Application Works" and using your myAlpari login and password. You can instantly take advantage of any of the multiple trading opportunities across a variety of financial instruments which the application analyzes simultaneously.

There are a number of parameters which will help you to select an instrument or a trading opportunity:

  • Symbol — currency pair, whose price movement behavior is analyzed by the Autochartist web application.
  • Interval — this parameter shows the time period of opportunity for trading a particular instrument.
  • Pattern — a graphical pattern of technical analysis, on which the development of a future trend is based.
  • Quality — shows the strength of the prediction and the probability of it being correct.

The Autochartist web application also shows the volatility of different trading instruments, which is useful during periods of market instability and can help you to decide where to place Stop Loss and Take Profit orders.


  • The information presented by Autochartist does not form a recommendation to trade by Alpari.
  • Alpari takes no responsibility for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of data provided by Autochartist. The Client bears full responsibility for the results of their trading decisions taken using data from Autochartist.

Forex trading signals provider - Autochartist

Entering the largest and most liquid financial market of the world might seem challenging at first and this is why there are various tools to give a better understanding of market dynamics.

Autochartist is a tool which scans the market and gives a good overview on potential trading opportunities. It uses FX trading signals to show emerging trends and gives an open space to make decisions. The signals are the key alerts that let you know when it is better to buy or sell a currency pair. There is no need to spend hours online monitoring trends as the system alerts you whether the trend within your interest turns up.

Forex trade signals system in a nutshell:

  • no more time wasted on data analysis as you get full overview of the market;
  • personalization and filtering of data: bigger success of the investment;
  • alerts for when it is necessary to make decisions;
  • software is not a trading system but an identifier of opportunities to trade.

The best trading signals can be grouped into three:

  1. News trading signals: based on news events – receiving news releases straight away and making a maximum profit in a short period of time (usually provided with commentary).
  2. Technical Signals: based on technical analysis – you trust the track record of the company or person issuing the signals (all possible risks are identified to make sure you lose the least in a bad case scenario).
  3. General Trade signals: based on diversified fundamental and technical analysis (mostly provides general trading tips).

Keep in mind that, in order to make higher profits with a good management strategy and a well-structured trading system, the best FX signals give you the advantage of following the expert's knowledge and strategy to make the most successful choices and effective investments.

Choose the best FX signals provider!

It is important to find a reliable live trading signals system provider in order to avoid false and manipulated results. At first, decide what kind of trading strategy is closer to your character. Here are some popular ways of trading with live signals:

  • End of Day trading: the best solution if you have a full-time job but are willing to enter the market. You receive an alert with a calculated buy/sell entry point, so all you do is place them on your account. Advantages: flexible, more time to act, higher profits.
  • Day Trading: traders monitor for the market profitable deals, usually it means that you close positions every day and start clean the next day. You receive a notification when a high probable trade is available. Advantages: dynamic tempo, no emotions, many opportunities for planning future returns.
  • Advantages: never miss trading signals, great knowledge source.

After selecting the most convenient way of trading for you, start looking for free trading signal providers to discover the market.

Before choosing the one that takes your fancy, make sure:

  • it is run by professional traders with good previous performance (provider actually trades their signals by themselves – this shows the transparency and potential of the trader’s profitability);
  • it offers a live trading room and has the option of a free trial before joining (live trading rooms are a great opportunity to learn valuable tips and strategies from professionals and with a free trial there is no need to go blind and risk).

Remember that success greatly depends on effective decisions within a short period of time of your provider. As soon as you have found the appropriate service, it is easy to follow basic steps of reading and interpreting free signals and react appropriately for your own benefit.

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