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Short-term Trading Idea FX NZDJPY – Wait and See: Supplement to CADJPY Idea

Trading opportunities for currency pair: for a start, NZD/JPY needs to correct itself up to the 89 marker. At this level there are minimal risks for open long positions. In case of a fall to less than 89 yen for the New Zealand dollar, it will continue to fall to 87.35.

Here I’m going to write about economic indicators. It’s not even a trading idea but more like an appendix to my review of the CAD/JPY. On Friday, both crosses closed down but their daily price models differ.

The New Zealander has 100 points until the trend line. If the NZD/JPY falls to 89, then before it does, the CAD/JPY will break the limit: it only has 27 points left to get there. This is where you need to see if there’ll be a false break on the CAD/JPY or not.

From the current situation, it’s possible to suppose that the NZD/JPY will shift to 92.88 along the trajectory of an upward triangle. If the trend line will be broken, the bulls won’t avoid a concession back to 87.35. Consequently, it’s possible to consider two different scenarios. The first: buying the New Zealand dollar from the 89 trend line, counting on a growth to 92.88. The second: a break and fall to 87.35

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