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Chinese Stock Market Surpasses 10 Trillion USD Mark

In recent times the economic growth that China has enjoyed for so long has slowed. This has become a hot topic among economists since China is the world’s second largest economy and the world’s largest energy consumer. Reports from Q1 of 2015 fixed Chinese GDP at 1.3%; worse than expected. As a yearly value, the economy is growing by 7%. Despite the worries, it’s worth noting that GDP in the country isn’t stagnating, but growing.

Judging by the actions of the Chinese authorities, we will soon be able to see additional growth. At the end of April it became known that the People’s Bank of China is planning to launch a new program of easing its monetary policy, an easing that was started soon after the announcement.  Commercial bank reserve requirements were dropped as well as rates in order to cheapen the price of credit. As a result of these measures the Chinese stock market saw a significant growth in its value which, according to Prime, today passed the 10 trillion US dollar mark. This figure is half of that of the total capitalization US stock market.

On this news it’s as interesting to see how the Chinese stock market is doing on the whole, as it is to see how single issuers are doing. For example, Alibaba: a world famous Chinese brand which went public not too long ago. Stocks in the company were put on the New York stock exchange at $68 a share on the 18th September. Since then the shares have generated much demand and the cost of them has soared by almost 50%. Shares in recent times have been very volatile, giving investors the chance to buy a decent asset at a decent price.

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