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Pound Could Repeat Rebound From LB


On Wednesday the pound/dollar rate corrected to the balance line from which the price slid to 1.5300. Pressure on the pound came from the euro/pound cross after information came out about positive developments regarding Athens coming to an agreement with its creditors. European officials refuted this information and the pound partially recovered.

The pair is now trading around 1.5357. According to the forecast today I’m considering a double bottom. A reverse daily candle has formed on the euro/dollar and so there was a rebound from the trend. Due to this, the pound/dollar is unlikely to be the one to head downwards.

The event of the day will be the publishing of reassessed UK GDP values for Q1. If the reassessment will be 0.2% away from the forecast, it’ll cause fluctuations for all pound pairs. This data will be out at 11:30 EET.


The road is still as open as it was towards 1.5190/83. I’ve made downward channel. The price is at the lower limit. Perhaps there’ll be a consolidation over the next 24 hours.


Everything is the same here. Target for the pound is 1.5183 (45 degrees).

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