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On Monday the Pound could slide to 1.5092

On Friday traders and investors carried on buying the Yankee dollar. The dollar’s growth hastened after 15:30 EET, when the USA put out strong data on its labor market.

February non-farm payroll employment in the US increased by 295,000 compared to a forecasted 240,000 increase. The January values for this indicator were reassessed from 257,000 to 239,000. The unemployment level dropped from 5.7% to 5.5%, whilst it was forecasted to be 5.6%. The average hourly wage increased by 0.1%, although forecasted to be 0.2%, previous 0.5%.

Over the last trading day the pound lost 207 points (1.36%) against the dollar. After the data came out the GBPUSD spiked down below the D3 line.  The price won’t be there for long. At 5:55 EET the pound was trading around 1.5059. On Monday I’m waiting for the pair to make a corrective movement towards 1.5092. If the level will be achieved within 3-4 hours after the market opening in Europe, then it’ll be worth waiting for a growth to the LB line. My limit was 45 degrees.

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