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Daily analytical report (19/09/18)

  • Today is definitely a day of breakouts. We have three trading occasions for you, which started with the breakout of either a support or a resistance. First up is EURJPY, which broke the mid-term downwards trend line, and later used that as a support. Today, EURJPY is crashing another resistance, but this time its horizontal. It will be a nice buy signal if the price closes the day above the yellow area.
  • Next up we have USDCAD, where yesterday, the price broke the lower line of the flag formation (black) and the mid-term upwards trend line (orange). We are back inside of the big downwards channel formation, so selling seems like a preferable option at the moment.
  • Lastly we have AUDUSD, where the price broke the neckline of the inverse head and shoulder pattern and is now additionally breaking the mid-term downwards trend line. That is huge and brings us a legitimate buy signal.

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