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Thwarted hope: the market continues to take stock of the Helsinki summit

The Helsinki summit featuring the presidents of Russia and the United States has failed to bring the financial world any concrete results. The main takeaway from the talks is an agreement on "constructive dialogue", whatever that means.

Before the summit, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump had met twice in person: in July and November last year, respectively. Both times the leaders met as part of various international events. Now, another meeting has just wrapped up, leaving both sides satisfied with the overall results.

At a subsequent press conference, Putin and Trump spoke of a relationship that will be based on "facts". Discussions between the two centered around election meddling, competition over the European energy market, and other areas of economic cooperation. At the same time, not a word was said about anti-Russian sanctions, as if the current state of affairs fully suits both sides.

Nevertheless, nothing was said that could, one way or another, exacerbate geopolitical relations and lead to Washington imposing a new wave of sanctions against Russia. It did not seem that the sides were being restrained, if anything, they were simply testing the waters, and the time for heated debate still looms on the horizon.


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