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Daily analytical report (28/06/17)

  • Unexpectedly hawkish Draghi brings volatility to the market and helps the EUR bulls set yearly highs on many currency pairs.
  • EURUSD combined the fundamentals (Draghi) and technical analysis ( iH&S formation). The price climbed sharply. We came back above the mid-term up trend line and used this momentum to break the 1.129 resistance. In my opinion, we should first test the recent resistances as a support and then go higher.
  • USDCAD is doing what was expected. We finally broke the lower line of the flag and the lower line of the upward channel formation. The breakout was strong and legitimate. We are 120 pips lower but there is still room for another 100.
  • Wednesday is a bit too early to look at daily candles but we have to be ready. Gold is about to have two weekly hammers in a row at very important supports (trend line and neckline). If nothing changes before the end of the week, we can have a powerful buy signal here.

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