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Daily analytical report (19/04/17)

  • GBP was yesterday's main story and the path shown on our previous Daily Analytical Report is happening right now. Time to move on and take a look at a few interesting situations on pairs with the EUR, which can be influenced by the forthcoming elections in France.
  • EURUSD defended the lower line of the wedge and broke the mid-term horizontal resistance. This creates a mid-term buy signal on this pair.
  • EURJPY is retracing the recent strong downswing, which happened after the the price managed to break the lower line of the huge flag. We broke two important resistances and we are 80 pips from the place where everything should be clear. The price action there will be crucial and can provide us with a good long-term trading signal.
  • EURAUD is having a typical surge which usually happens after a false bearish breakout. If we will be able to close the day above the long-term down trendline, that will be an important win for the demand camp and an invitation to a longer upswing.

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