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Daily analytical report (14/04/17)

  • As expected, on Friday, we have low volatility but we managed to find some decent trading opportunities for next week.
  • AUDUSD combines buy signals from both fundamental and technical analysis. We have comments from Donald Trump about USD being too strong and we have a false breakout of the mid-term support. Positive sentiment all the way.
  • EURAUD made a small stop pause above the neckline after breaking the lower line of the flag formation. This kind of a stop above a support is usually a sign of a future breakout but for the answers we need to wait till next week.
  • EURGBP is approaching a crucial support created by a crossing of the up trendline and lower line of the symmetrical triangle. We have to be patient and wait for the reaction. The winning side should dominate the chart for a long time and it would be great to be in the winning camp here.

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