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Apple Makes Biggest Annual Profit Ever Made

The largest public company in the world, Apple, has just released its 2015 results. Apple has announced that in this financial year it has made a $53.4 billion profit which, besides being a world record for companies of all time, is also a corporate achievement in itself. As The Telegraph notes, it is the first ever public company to make over $1 billion in profits per calendar week. The company’s yearly revenue for the year is up by 28% and stands at a record $234 billion.

The market, however, reacted to this news rather weakly. Apple shares on Tuesday stopped around the $114.5 mark. The financial report came out after trading had ended and only pushed up on the post market by 2% to $116.9. This is way off the April maximum when Apple shares topped $134.

Investors have cottoned on to the fact that the company’s financial success is inextricably linked to the success of the iPhone. It is this product line which is the driving force of the company, accounting for 63% of revenue and an even bigger share of profit. Simultaneously, sales of the iPad are down for the sixth quarter in a row. The line of telephones is something the company is proud of, but if demand for them falls then it will put the company’s financial results in jeopardy.


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