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Pro-independence Catalonians Take Majority

Spanish parliamentary elections have seen the Junts pel Si coalition, which forms part of Catalan regional president Artur Mas’ Democratic Convergence of Catalonia party and the Leftist Republic of Catalonia. The coalition has for many years been struggling to have Catalonia’s independence recognised. Over 99% of the ballots have now been processed. 72 seats of a possible 135 were taken by the mandate.

European separatism has done anything but die down in recent years. Nevertheless, referendums like the one that took place in Scotland seem anything but close. The Scots decided against leaving the UK and it seems that, in the end, Catalonia will remain part of Spain.

The desire for the province to receive independent status is there though. The region is the richest in Spain, with its GDP share equalling 20% of Spain’s total and industrial production of 25%. For this contribution, according to those backing independence, the Catalans receive too little a share of the country’s budget. Although, it’s hardly worth counting on them becoming independent. In the most extreme of cases, Madrid could agree to offer more powers to the region, but in the end, all attempts will be blocked by the state. The country already has enough problems with restoring its economy and so is unlikely to allow the region to break away.

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