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Pound/Dollar: Expected Rebound from Daily Trend Line


My expectations of yesterday for the pound didn’t come off. The euro/pound cross pushed the pound to the 315th degree with its growth. I’ve not seen anything like how the pound fell to 315 degrees without a rebound for a long while. What usually happens is a fall to the 135th and then a rebound by 45 degrees.

The second attempt is to assess the correction. The euro/pound cross is trading by the U3. I think that the cross will see a recoil, and due to this the pound/dollar will correct upwards to the LB from the daily trend.


The recoil didn’t come off. The sellers broke the 15th September minimum. The road to 1.5184 is open. Today I’m awaiting a rebound to 1.53.


The pound reached the trend line. It’s highly likely that it will be broken on Friday.

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