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Crypto activists offer Iran an alternate approach to dealing with Trump

Nearly everyone knows that the US has been trying to isolate Iran on the global stage for years. To put pressure on the Iranian economy, the US has repeatedly imposed both political and economic sanctions against Iran.

Iran, of course, hasn’t taken this laying down, and regularly takes its own countermeasures in an attempt to divert or alleviate pressure on its economy from the US.

Most interestingly, the controversy between the US (i.e. Donald Trump) and Iran has even made it onto Twitter, where Trump often criticises Iran. Iranian government representatives also sometimes respond to Trump on Twitter.

Now this Twitter spat has been joined by people from the crypto-sphere. On the 23rd of July, Litecoin founder Charlie Lee retweeted a post from his brother Bobby Lee, former CEO and co-founder of the notorious cryptocurrency exchange BTCChina. Bobby Lee gave some advice to Iran’s president on how best to deal with Donald Trump:

Actually, it’s fairly likely that over the long term, people all over the world will start slowly moving towards cryptocurrencies, which will undoubtedly reduce the US dollar’s significance in the global financial system.


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