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Lightning Network capacity tops 500,000 USD

For the first time since its launch, the Lightning Network’s (LN) capacity has surpassed 500,000 USD. According to lnmainnet.gaben.win, the network’s total capacity at the time of writing stands at 509,824 USD:

It’s important to note that at the end of June, the LN had a capacity of around 150,000 USD, while at the beginning of the year; it was at just 40,000 USD. This tells us that the popularity of the Lightning Network is gradually increasing.

Most of the bitcoin community believes that the LN can play a key role in Bitcoin’s scaling problem. In my opinion, if the LN’s capacity can reach the tens of millions of dollars and transactions can be processed without any technical difficulties, interest in bitcoin will start to grow again and we could see prices revisit the all-time high of around 20,000 USD reached in December last year.


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