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Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, is a bitcoin bull

It turns out that American entrepreneur and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is a big fan of bitcoin.

Speaking at an event in Las Vegas on Sunday, Wozniak revealed that he’s been fascinated with blockchain technology since the moment it was introduced and now believes that bitcoin is better than gold and the US dollar. He pointed out that while bitcoin’s supply is limited, traditional money can simply be printed by governments every day.

On the subject of precious metals, the Apple co-founder said that gold, for example, is difficult to mine and global supplies are limited. The situation with bitcoin is similar, expect that in contrast to gold, bitcoin’s supply is controlled by mathematics, making it impossible to manipulate and therefore more reliable than gold.

Wozniak added that blockchain would be widely implemented in the future, including in the extraction and distribution of minerals. He says, for example, that at the moment, it’s difficult to determine where and how a certain piece of gold in a shop was mined. Blockchain technology would allow us to see the whole process from when the gold was mined to when it was sold to a consumer.

I agree with Steve that blockchain technology has huge potential and that it will disrupt a lot of different industries. These new technological innovations will be to the benefit of all humankind.


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