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Brent Crude to Trade $64.5-66.5 per Barrel throughout Tuesday

Oil quotes on Tuesday morning have shown a growth. Brent crude at 10:10 EET was trading at $64.96, WTI with June delivery lifted to $59.30 a barrel. By Monday’s close the price of North Sea oil on June contracts was $64.83 per barrel and light crude with June delivery at the end of New York’s session stood at 59.19 a barrel.

Today on the oil market there’re no real reasons for growth or fall in the quotes. Only this evening may volatility increase as the American institute for reserves of oil and petroleum products publishes some statistics. Previous data indicated that US reserves have started to decline. If this tendency continues, the growth in oil quotes will strengthen further. Over the course of the day, Brent crude will trade between $64.5 and $66.5 a barrel, with WTI in a $58-60.5 corridor.

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