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World Oil Prices Displaying Mixed Dynamics

Oil quotes this morning have displayed a mixed dynamic. Brent Crude at 11:10 EET was trading at $65.37 a barrel (a slight reduction on the previous trading session), with WTI with June delivery lifting to $59.40 per barrel. By last week’s close, a barrel of North Sea oil on a June contract hit $65.39, whilst that of Light Crude on the trading session in New York on Friday was $59.30 per barrel.

On the oil market today there’re no real reasons for growth or for a fall in prices. This zero-hovering dynamic will last throughout the day. Oil prices are likely to continue to stay in a sideways trend until the end of the week. Throughout the day Brent will trade within the $64.50-66.50 range and WTI in a corridor of $58-60.50 per barrel.


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