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Excessive Supply Forcing Oil Prices Down

On Monday oil quotes dropped. Brent oil at 10:20 EET was trading at $65.1 per barrel and WTI with delivery in June fell to 58.6 per barrel. By the end of last week, North Atlantic oil for June contracts finished trading at $65.37 per barrel. The price of light crude at the end of Friday’s New York trading session was $57.26 a barrel.

The price of oil on the market is being affected by excessive supply which still isn’t falling despite the lessening in drilling rigs and extraction in the USA. At the moment, we don’t expect a sharp fall in prices since there’s no news to push them to do that. However, a weak correction following a growth last week is likely. Over the course of the day, Brent will be trading between $63.5-66.5 a barrel and WTI between $55.5-58.5 per barrel.

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