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Holiday Schedule

When trading Forex, it's important to know when national holidays occur as they can serve as a good guide for forecasting market situations in this period. As a rule, there is a jump in market activity immediately after a holiday is over. With care, you can choose the most profitable time to enter and leave the market.

Use the convenient filter in the Alpari Holiday Schedule to quickly sort through all the relevant dates for the trading session that you are interested in.

Holiday Name
01/01-02/01/2017JapanJPY, CFDNew Year's Day
02/01/2017AustraliaAUD, CFDNew Year's Day
02/01/2017New ZealandNZDNew Year's Day
02/01/2017SwitzerlandCHFNew Year's Day
02/01/2017USAUSD, spot metals, CFDNew Year's Day
02/01/2017ChinaCNY, CNHNew Year's Day
02/01/2017CanadaCADNew Year's Day
02/01/2017Great BritainGBP, CFDNew Year's Day
16/01/2017USAUSD, spot metals, CFDMartin Luther King, Jr. Day
26/01/2017AustraliaAUD, CFDAustralia Day
27/01-02/02/2017ChinaCNY, CNHLunar New Year
06/02/2017New ZealandNZDWaitangi Day
11/02/2017JapanJPY, CFDNational Foundation Day
20/02/2017USAUSD, spot metals, CFDPresident's Day
20/02/2017CanadaCAD, CFDFamily Day
20/03/2017JapanJPY, CFDVernal Equinox
03/04-04/04/2017ChinaCNY, CNHLantern Festival
14/04/2017GermanyEUR, CFDGood Friday
14/04/2017SpainEUR, CFDGood Friday
14/04/2017AustraliaAUD, CFDGood Friday
14/04/2017Great BritainGBP, CFDGood Friday
14/04/2017New ZealandNZDGood Friday
14/04/2017SwitzerlandCHFGood Friday
14/04/2017USAUSD, spot metals, CFDGood Friday
14/04/2017CanadaCADGood Friday
14/04/2017FranceEUR, CFDGood Friday
17/04/2017Great BritainGBP, CFDEaster
17/04/2017SpainEUR, CFDEaster
17/04/2017AustraliaAUD, CFDEaster
17/04/2017FranceEUR, CFDEaster
17/04/2017New ZealandNZDEaster
17/04/2017GermanyEUR, CFDEaster
17/04/2017USAUSD, spot metals, CFDEaster
25/04/2017AustraliaAUD, CFDANZAC Day
29/04/2017JapanJPY, CFDShōwa Day
01/05/2017GermanyEUR, CFDInternational Workers' Day
01/05/2017SpainEUR, CFDInternational Workers' Day
01/05/2017SwitzerlandCHFInternational Workers' Day
01/05/2017ChinaCNY, CNHInternational Workers' Day
01/05/2017FranceEUR, CFDInternational Workers' Day
03/05/2017JapanJPY, CFDConstitution Day
04/05/2017JapanJPY, CFDGreenery Day
05/05/2017JapanJPY, CFDChildren's Day
22/05/2017CanadaCADVictoria Day
29/05/2017USAUSD, spot metals, CFDMemorial Day
29/05/2017ChinaCNY, CNHDragon Boat Festival
05/06/2017GermanyEUR, CFDWhit Monday
03/07/2017CanadaCADCanada Day
04/07/2017USAUSD, spot metals, CFDIndependence Day
07/08/2017CanadaCADCivic Holiday
11/08/2017JapanJPY, CFDMountain Day
28/08/2017Great BritainGBP, CFDSummer Bank Holiday
04/09/2017USAUSD, spot metals, CFDLabor Day
04/09/2017CanadaCADLabor Day
23/09/2017JapanJPY, CFDAutumnal Equinox
02/10-06/10/2017ChinaCNY, CNHNational Day of the People's Republic of China
03/10/2017GermanyEUR, CFDGerman Unity Day
09/10/2017JapanJPY, CFDHealth and Sports Day
02/11/2017MexicoMXNDay of the Dead
03/11/2017JapanJPY, CFDCulture Day
23/11/2017USAUSD, spot metals, CFDThanksgiving
25/11/2017USAUSD, spot metals, CFDBlack Friday
12/12/2017MexicoMXNDay of the Virgin of Guadalupe
22/12/2017Great BritainGBP, CFDChristmas Eve
23/12/2017JapanJPY, CFDEmperor's Birthday
25/12/2017AustraliaAUD, CFDChristmas
25/12/2017GermanyEUR, CFDChristmas
25/12/2017SwitzerlandCHF, CFDChristmas
25/12/2017USAUSD, spot metals, CFDChristmas
25/12/2017Great BritainGBP, CFDChristmas
25/12/2017FranceEUR, CFDChristmas
25/12/2017New ZealandNZDChristmas
26/12/2017AustraliaAUD, CFDBoxing Day
26/12/2017Great BritainGBP, CFDBoxing Day
26/12/2017GermanyEUR, CFDBoxing Day
26/12/2017SpainEUR, CFDBoxing Day
26/12/2017CanadaCADBoxing Day
26/12/2017SwitzerlandCHFBoxing Day
26/12/2017New ZealandNZDBoxing Day
29/12/2017Great BritainGBP, CFDNew Year's Eve
31/12/2017JapanJPY, CFDExchange Holidays
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