Results of April 2016 Successful Investor Contest

Dear Clients,

Andrey Borisenko

The results of the April round of our Successful Investor contest are in. This round was won by Andrey Borisenko from St. Petersburg. He managed to make top spot with the maximum return of all competitors: 198.87%. As a prize for winning, Andrey receives 500 USD on his transitory account. Congratulations to our winner and we wish him further financial successes!

Alpari's Successful Investor contest has been running for over three years and during this time has become very popular amongst our clients the world over. In this contest, participants do not have to trade independently and the winner is the contestant who achieves the highest return over the course of a month, solely by investing in PAMM accounts.

The new round of our Successful Investor contest has already begun. Applications to take part are welcome throughout any point in the round's duration which lasts a full calendar month. The winner of each round receives 500 USD. Cash prizes await: register to win!

Best Regards,

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