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PAMM Account EXN2

The PAMM Account is liquidated.
Return to Date 
The return of a PAMM Account from the time it was created up to the last rollover (rounded down to the nearest tenth).
The total amount of funds in the PAMM Account.
300 USD
Manager’s Capital 
The Manager’s declared investment in their PAMM Account. It is included in the Equity and serves to ensure that both the PAMM Account Investors as well as the Manager have the same interests. The only way for a Manager to return their capital is to close their PAMM Account.
Risk Level 
Represents the volatility of the Daily Return of a PAMM Account. Volatility is rated within the following ranges:
  • Level 1 – from 0 to 1%
  • Level 2 – from 1 to 3%
  • Level 3 – from 3 to 5%
  • Level 4 – from 5 to 7%
  • Level 5 – from 7% and higher.
2 mth 19 days
Since Opened
The PAMM Account Ratings is a listing of PAMM Accounts that: ‎
  • Have a positive overall return;
  • Allow investor deposits;
  • Were published at least 3 months ago;
  • Have at least 150,000 RUR / 3,000 USD / 2,000 EUR / 2,000 GLD as the manager's capital.
By default, PAMM Accounts are listed according to some formula which takes into account different parameters.

Return Over Period

Investment Period
All Time
1 Year
6 Months
3 Months
1 Month
PAMM Account Return

EXN2 Proposal

You cannot currently invest in this PAMM Account, as the manager has not yet created a public proposal. Please choose another account from the Ratings.


The “Equity” Chart shows the daily change in PAMM Account equity at rollover, before deposit and withdrawal requests have been processed.

Leverage Used

The “Leverage Used” chart shows how much leverage is used on the account, or the ratio of the notional value of open positions on the account to the account's equity level.
The “Return” chart is based on the share price of the account (which starts out at 100):
Return = Share Price - 100.
Both charts can be plotted with candlesticks or lines. Candlesticks depict the change in the PAMM Account over the course of the trading day/hour. The “Leverage Used” chart line is based on the maximum Leverage Used values. The “Return” chart line is based on the Return values as of the end of trading days/hour

PAMM Account Properties

PAMM Account Type 
  • pamm.standard.mt4. The classic PAMM Account for managing investor funds which includes the optimal selection of trading instruments and analytical tools.
  • pamm.ecn.mt4. A PAMM Account for managing investor funds, which additionally utilizes ECN market execution, and where commission is built into the spread, meaning that there are no additional trading fees.
  • This type of PAMM Account is used to manage investor funds using additional ECN technology trading opportunities from AMTS Solutions.
Account Denomination 
This is the currency in which a PAMM Account is denominated. When investing in a PAMM Account, conversions are made automatically at our internal rate.
Trade Reports for Investors
PAMM Account #
Manager’s Forum Nickname
Account’s Forum Thread


Maximum Profit 
The maximum return on investment you could have achieved by investing in a PAMM Account (from the date it was opened). It is calculated by measuring the largest distance between a low point and a subsequent high point on the Rate of Return chart for the PAMM Account.
203.20% 23/12/2013
Maximum Drawdown 
The maximum amount you could have lost by investing in a particular PAMM Account (from the date it was opened). It is calculated by measuring the largest distance between a high point and a subsequent low point on the Rate of Return chart for the PAMM Account.
96.46% 16/01/2014
Maximum Daily Profit
110.17% 13/12/2013
Maximum Daily Loss
76.55% 27/12/2013
Daily Return Volatility
Recovery Factor 
This value indicates the logarithmic ratio of current returns on a PAMM Account in relation to returns needed to overcome all losses on the account. If the recovery factor is less than 1, the Manager still hasn’t covered all losses. Even if maximum returns were achieved recently on the account, the value can still be less than one, meaning that total returns have still not reached a level which is more than the total drawdown.
Average Geometric Return 
Average Geometric Return — average return with compound interests and capitalization.
Geometric Standard Deviation of Return 
Geometric Standard Deviation of Return — deviation of an average return.
Decreasing Risk 
Probability to receive return less than 10% per year.
Return / Volatility Coefficient — the sum of daily returns and losses in percentage form, devided by the number of trading days.
Average Daily Profit
Average Daily Loss
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The EXN2 PAMM Account Discussion Managed by FXXFOX

Manager’s Other PAMM Accounts FXXFOX

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Ranking PAMM Account Stars Since Opened Account Denomination Performance Today's Return Return to Date
2 mth 27 days


  • Past performance does not guarantee future results.
  • Alpari provides the PAMM Account as a service to managers and investors, but is in no way involved in the managing or investing of funds.
  • Alpari does not take part in and does not bear responsibility for the management of client funds in the PAMM Account Service.
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