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What is a PAMM Account?

Are your savings becoming worthless?
Do deposit interest rates not even cover the inflation rate?
Stay Calm, Invest in PAMM

Stay Calm, Invest in a PAMM Account

The PAMM Accounts service allows investors to earn on Forex without trading on their own and managers to get additional income
through efficient management of investors' funds.

To invest funds choose a PAMM Account in our PAMM Accounts ratings.


How to Earn Using Alpari PAMM Accounts?

How investors can get profit investing in a PAMM Account

For Investors

If you don't have enough knowledge to trade on the Forex market, or if you don't have enough time for it, choose a PAMM Account and invest your funds. Your potential profit is unrestricted and you can withdraw your funds at any time. Learn more

Choose a Manager and Invest

How can a PAMM manager earn with the help of a PAMM Account

For PAMM Managers

If you are an experienced and successfull Forex trader it's time to try your hand at managing a PAMM Account. Trade and earn a compensation from your investors for your profitable trading. Learn more

Open a PAMM Account

Why Alpari PAMM Accounts

The PAMM Account is a unique service developed by Alpari, which has gained worldwide popularity.

We pioneered
the PAMM Account Service.

The biggest amount
of active PAMM managers.

More than 650,000
of investment accounts.

Trading volume
exceeds $155 bln2.

from 40 countries worldwide.

Award-winning service,
Compliance Verified.

Invest Funds

Please Note:

  1. The 2013 figures.
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