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Alpari offers clients an extensive lineup of investment options ranging from our signature PAMM Account Service to structured products and investment funds.

  • Where to Invest? In PAMM!

    Where to Invest? In PAMM!

    With our PAMM Service, investing in Forex is incredibly easy. When you invest in a PAMM Account, you are putting your money in the hands of an experienced trader. And the potential returns are enormous. Just take a look at the performance of our top PAMM managers in the table below.

    Trading on financial markets involves significant risk.
  • Build your own PAMM investment portfolio.

    Our PAMM Portfolio Builder allows you to design your very own portfolio of PAMM Accounts tailored to your personal investment goals.

    Build Portfolio
  • "My investment philosophy?
    Stay diversified."

    The investment funds at Alpari can help you build a diversified
    portfolio tailored to your personal financial objectives.

    Trading on financial markets involves significant risk.
  • "I'll get my investment back. That's guaranteed.
    But there's potential for a lot more."

    There's no risk whatsoever. With the structured products at Alpari, you can ensure that you'll recover your initial investment. And the potential returns are significantly higher
    than bank savings accounts.


Investment Portfolios

Index Top 20 FX Alpari

Index Top 20 FX

This portfolio contains the PAMM Accounts of managers with a proven stable and profitable track record of managing their own accounts over an extended period of time.

Target Return:


Investment From:

100 USD


Top 10 PAMM Accounts

PAMM Account All Time Return, %
1 Horse 0.5 RUR 58.5%
2 Horse 0.5 USD 52.4%
3 Zapad 2,263.6%
4 Mackwoods (Dust tea) 397.2%
5 Soverwenstvo (MACD) 233.1%
6 PLUSIK (cream) 306.6%
7 Only USDRUB (VSV Group) 5,677.2%
8 Trustoff 264.9%
9 Aperi oculos RUR (Всерьез и надолго) 53.2%
10 Pavlik77 (С днем рождения) 165.8%

The Alpari PAMM Account Service

The PAMM Service allows you to put your money in the hands of experienced currency traders – there is no need for you to make any trades yourself. Just invest your money in the account of one of our PAMM managers and you'll have access to the limitless possibilities of the Forex market.

The PAMM Account is completely transparent, allowing you to keep a close eye on your manager's performance. If you aren't satisfied with their trading, you can withdraw your money at any time.


Become a PAMM Manager

Investment Funds

Portfolio Overall Return
Daily Return (%) Investment
1 Balanced (BLN) 19.87 -1.28 Invest
2 Energy (NRG) 14.28 -0.21 Invest
3 Index (IDX) 60.74 -0.07 Invest
4 Precious Metals (MTL) -28.80 -0.03 Invest
5 BRICS (BRC) -6.47 0.80 Invest
6 Real Estate (RLT) 15.04 -0.53 Invest
7 Forex (FRX) 21.13 0.00 Invest

Easy Investment in the Global Markets

When you invest in one of these funds, you are purchasing a portfolio of assets that is designed around a particular investment strategy. We offer a variety of investment portfolios, with different areas of focus and different return objectives, so you should be able to find one that is in line with your financial goals.

When you invest in one of these portfolios, your money will be allocated into various ETFs,2 which in turn invest in stocks, indexes, precious metals, currency pairs and other financial instruments.

Structured Products

Guaranteed Capital Protection

Structured products give you maximum protection over your invested capital.

When you purchase a structured product, the majority of your investment is allocated in conservative fixed-income instruments. This allows you to guarantee that, at worst, you will break even. The remainder of your investment is allocated in assets which are riskier, but offer a higher potential return. If things work out in your favor, this portion of your investment can help you achieve a return exceeding bank interest rates many times over.

Product with 100% "Capital Protection"100%Beginning of
Investment Period
End of
Investment Period
  • Investment in Low-risk Assets
  • Investment in Riskier Assets
  • Guaranteed from Low-risk Assets
  • Potential Return from Riskier Assets

We Offer the Following Types of Structured Products:

Classic Products
Capped Products
Touch Products
Structured Product


  • Past performance does not guarantee future results.
  • Alpari provides the PAMM Account as a service to managers and investors, but is in no way involved in the managing or investing of funds.
  • Alpari does not take part in and does not bear responsibility for the management of client funds in the PAMM Account Service.

Please Note:

  1. During unfavorable market conditions there is a possible short term drawdown of up to 25%.
  2. ETFs (exchange-traded funds) are investment funds that are traded on an exchange. They are designed to replicate the performance of an index or a basket of different assets.