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Why do I get the "Trade is disabled" message when I try to place or change an order?

Here are some possible reasons:

  • Trading is closed due to a holiday. It may be that there is a national holiday somewhere that has altered the trading schedule for the instrument you have chosen. To check to see if this may be the case, you can find a schedule for the trading instrument in question in our "Contract Specifications". Click "Choose Parameters", then check "Trading Open" and "Trading Close". Click "Ready". In the table below, you will see a list of our trading instruments and the times the trading session for each opens and closes.
  • Trading was closed due to a force majeure. For more on this, see our regulatory documents.
  • A daily or monthly trade report is being complied. This occurs at 23:59:59 EET and lasts for only a few seconds. To avoid discrepancies when the report is being created, trading is momentarily disabled.
  • Your account has not yet been activated. To activate your account, fund it with at least the minimum deposit as specified in the "Trading Conditions".
  • Weekly break at rollover. At 23:55 trading week closes and reopens again on Monday at 00:05.

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