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Alpari's Trading Contests

Forex Contests – your chance to show other traders that you have the trading strategy to beat them all.

Alpari's trading contests are thrilling competitions which have a combined prize pool of over 230,000 USD!

It's not important whether you are new to trading or an old hand, on our site you can always find a Forex trading contest to suit you. Every single one of our contests offers a chance to win a cash prize, which is what makes them so exciting.

For beginners, the Forex trading contests offer an excellent opportunity to test your strength and the chance to win money – giving your trading career a head-start. Demo Forex contests can let you win real prizes without any risk, as you are only using virtual money! Forex contests on demo accounts are a great way to work on your tactical know-how, without risking real money.

If you want to compete with the professionals, then choose a Forex trading contest on a live account. You can hone your skill and develop a new trading strategy aimed at increasing particular trading stats (volume, profit etc.).

How can you take part in a contest?

Just choose the Forex contest that appeals to you the most and register from myAlpari.

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