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Fight for the chess world title

Bringing the chess crown back to Russia

One decisive move to be made

Alpari and Sergey Karjakin have passed a long way struggling for the main chess prize. Now there is one last step to be done.

To gain the title of world champion is the most coveted in the career of any chess player. The high competition and unexpected way things play out have been a mainstay of the world championship since its very beginnings, with the chess crown being the unspoken definition chess domination itself.

For many years the crown was held by Russian chess players, but was lost in 2008. Alpari and Sergey Karyakin firmly intend to return the main chess trophy back to Russian soil. We have provided the sportsman with the opportunity to work in the best conditions and with the strongest trainers. We believe that Sergey's talent and hard work can only lead to victory!

Alpari's partnership with Sergey Karyakin

"I will do everything within my power to bring the crown home and I believe that its place is here in Russia. I've never made a secret about my intention to become chess champion of the world."

Sergey Karyakin, chess player

A deserved sportsman in Russia and one of the most talented and bright chess players in the world, Sergey entered into the Guinness World Records as the youngest grandmaster in history. Sergey has won and been a medallist in some of the largest tournaments several times. He was the winner of silver at the Chess Olympiad, the outright winner of the Russian club championship as part of a team of winners and the holder of the chess world cup.

Sergey Karyakin's main target is to become the chess world champion. He has already made a big move towards doing so, having been victorious in the Candidates Tournament. Ahead of him only lies the battle against the current champion, Magnus Carlsen.

Sergey Karyakin
Boris Shilov

"We believed in Sergey Karyakin and his dream to become world champion in 2012 when he was just taking his first steps in his international sporting career. Now we are within reach of one of the most important events not only in Sergey’s life, but the fate of sporting chess."

Boris Shilov, Alpari CEO

Alpari first took note of little known grandmaster Sergey Karyakin’s promise in 2012, concluding a sponsorship agreement and supporting him in his aim of bringing the chess crown back to Russia. Thanks to this financing, Sergey Karyakin was able to expand his trainer team and, in particular, appoint one of the best chess coaches in the world. This has borne fruit: Sergey has won many international competitions, including a phenomenal victory for the chess world cup in Baku. As part of the new agreement, Alpari will support the sportsman financially until 31st December, 2016.


The main event which will set the strongest apart

The most important duel for the chess crown will take place in New York between the 10th and 30th November, 2016. Sergey Karyakin will be up against
the current world champion, Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, who is considered a superstar in the modern chess world.
And by the way, Sergey has already beaten Magnus more than once, including on his home soil in Norway.

Bringing the chess crown home together!

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